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Piggybak Core Features

The Piggybak gem provides basic shopping cart functionality for adding, removing, and updating items.

Shopping Cart

This gem includes one page checkout. One page checkout uses AJAX to retrieve and update shipping options and calculate tax. One page checkout also allows users to check out as registered users or as guests.

One Page Checkout

The Piggybak gem is designed as a mountable solution. It is intended to be included in an existing Ruby on Rails application, which translates to more freedom in application business logic. Piggybak covers the shopping cart, checkout, receipt, and order listings views, and comes with a sleek admin interface.

Piggybak is built leveraging RailsAdmin, a tool for building sleek admin interfaces for Ruby on Rails applications. RailsAdmin combined with an MVC framework provides a user-friendly experience for managing products and orders. Payment, tax, and shipping methods are also managed via the admin interface.

Admin Dashboard

End Point's years of ecommerce experience shows us that absolutely no application has the same business rules driving shipping, payment, and tax calculators. For this reason, Piggybak was built to allow for configurable and extensible calculators to process payments, and calculate shipping and tax costs.

Shipping Method

The primary Rails application can override any views from Piggybak to provide custom display of the shopping cart, checkout, receipt, order history, or various helpers that display the cart link and cart form.

Product Page

Plugin Features

The core Piggybak gem chooses to be lightweight, but there are a growing number of supported features through extensions. A few are summarized below.

The Piggybak Real-time Shipping Lookup extension leverages ActiveShipping, a popular Ruby open-source tool to enable shipping rate lookup with Fedex, UPS, and USPS.

The Piggybak Coupons extension introduces coupon/discount functionality in the form of percent, dollar, and free shipping deductions from order charges. Each coupon has a unique code, and has attributes such as discount type and amount, expiration date, and number of allowed uses.

The Piggybak Gift Certificates extension introduces gift certificate support. Gift certificates can be configured at various intervals, and applied on the one-page checkout.

While the Piggybak core makes no strong assumptions about variant support required, the Piggybak Variant gem includes functionality to create and manage variants and variant types on your application models.

The Piggybak Taxonomy gem provides advanced production navigation support to build out category, subcategory, etc. navigation. The plugin includes breadcrumb functionality, integrated jQuery-supported management support, and a navigation hierarchy rendering method.

Stay tuned for upcoming core updates and extension releases such as product reviews and ratings, bundle discounts, and saved addresses.

End Point
Piggybak is sponsored and developed by End Point. End Point has over 15 years of ecommerce experience.

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