Piggybak is designed to be mounted on your existing Ruby on Rails application. This gives you the freedom to build out your own custom web application to fit your needs perfectly.

Sleek Admin Interface

Piggybak includes a sleek and easy-to-use interface for managing your data. Combined with RailsAdmin, Piggybak has a flexible and powerful way to manage data by various users and roles.

One Page Checkout

Piggybak comes with one page checkout, which allows users to check out as guests or registered users. One page checkout makes on-page updates for shipping and tax calculations.


Piggybak allows for users to configure, extend, and manage payment, shipping, and tax calculators. A strong foundation with extensibility allows users to develop custom sites to suit custom needs.

Recent News

Upgrade to Rails 4.1.0

Piggybak and the suite of piggybak gems were recently updated to Rails 4.1.0 via Piggybak 0.7.1. The demo now runs on Piggybak 0.7.1 and Ruby 2.1.1. Read about all the upgrade technical bits here.

Dependency & Demo Upgrade

The demo was recently migrated to another server, and upgraded in the process. Read about those dependency and demo updates applied to the Piggbak demo here.

Advanced Product Options

Looking for more information on advanced product options (size, color) such as the functionality used in the demo? Read more about the piggybak_variants extension on the End Point blog here.

Interactive Tour of the Demo

A new interactive tour of Piggybak and the demo is now featured and described here. You can also start the tour from the Piggybak demo information page. Check it out!

End Point
Piggybak is sponsored and developed by End Point. End Point has over 15 years of ecommerce experience.

Questions or Comments?

Email the Piggybak Google Group or visit the GitHub repo today.